About Us

Whether you are a year round Quartzsite resident, snowbird or a visitor passing through, we welcome you and your family to come and worship with us! Our people are always excited to see new faces in our services.

We are a small, but growing and dynamic church located in the beautiful desert of Arizona, in the town of Quartzsite. God has blessed our church not only with people who live in Quartzsite year round, but also with snowbirds, people from all over the United States and Canada that come to spend winters here and have become a vital part of what the Lord is doing in our church and in this town.

  • We preach the Bible as the divinely inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God.

  • We are family-oriented, and strive to be Christ-centered in all we do.

  • We are not a perfect church (there is no such thing), but are boasting with a PERFECT SAVIOR.

  • We offer an exciting worship service containing a blend of contemporary and traditional music, and relevant teaching from the Bible that you can apply to your life.

  • We have a beautiful presence of the Lord in our services.

  • We have ministries for all ages, from infants to senior adults.

  • Our members and friends extend to you a warm greeting.

We are committed to...

  • love, honor, worship, and obey our gracious Lord with all our beings.

  • build up believers in their Christian lives.

  • obey our Lord's great commission to carry the gospel to the entire world.

Please come and join us!