A Journey to the Unexpected

I’m glad visited our website as we embark on a journey—actually join in an epic journey that began more than two thousand years ago—and follow the star and discover the light of the world. It’s a journey of the heart and soul, but it’s also a journey that will realign our expectations and experience of the Christmas season. And it’s a journey that will explore the gifts of Christmas delivered by and through Christ: hope, love, joy, and peace. We all need hope in the storms of life and love that never gives up. We need fresh joy on our journey and peace no matter what we’re facing or dealing with. Our journey and series will center on the star as our guiding light. Now, the Star of Bethlehem has taken a central place in the Christmas story, but its mention in the Bible is really very brief. The record of wise men from the East who followed a star is only mentioned in Matthew’s Gospel account of Christ’s coming (Matthew 2). And there is much discussion by scholars and scientists about what the star actually was, who the wise men were, and when the cosmic event of its appearance took place. But apart from the debates, there remains the truth that the light of a star led people to Jesus, even if they were still on their journey the night Jesus was born. (Most scholars place the wise men showing up a few months to a year after Jesus’s birth.) You see, the star then and now is a guide that ultimately leads to Jesus, the light of the world.

Please come follow the Star, Jesus

Hope 11/26

Love 12/3

Joy 12/10

Peace 12/24